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The 21-day, extensive mirror-work online program


You name the price
How much is it worth to you?
The 21-day, extensive mirror-work online program


You name the price
How much is it worth to you?

«I cannot change another person. I let others be who they are, and I simply love who I am.»

Louise Hay

The complete 21-day mirror-work program + and amazing bonus bundle

For the first time, we are giving you the freedom to choose what the course is really worth to you – with our pay-what-you want policy, we give you the chance to set your own value for the course, depending on how much its core message speaks to you, and how much transformation it can bring to your life.

The work of Louise Hay, moved and transformed many people with her powerful self-love message – and we put a lot of love and passion into this project to honor her life mission.

We truly believe that this course contains an important message that the whole world needs to hear. True inner-peace begins with loving, and accepting yourself first. If we’re not honoring and taking good care of ourselves, how can we lead happy lives with loving relationships and perform our best in whatever we put our mind to? The answer is, it all begins with self- love! Louise Hay devoted her life to perfection – a technique that teaches people how to nurture their own inner-peace and loving-kindness towards themselves.

This powerful message is worth sharing with everyone – so share it too!

The full package includes:

Online course

Love yourself! The compelte 21-day mirror work online course with Louise Hay in both [ADD: Language] and English. 



An extensive Workbook to accompany your learning every step of the way! With summaries, practical exercises and questions for self-reflection, it helps you to deepen your mirror-work practice.



Download the complete course audios and listen to the course where- and whenever you like!


Bonus – You can trust your life

Maximize your self-growth with Louise Hay’s 4-module course “You Can Trust Your Life,” in its original version! Over 5 hours of exclusive video content from a LIVE Retreat with Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. Learn the spiritual tools you can use to create a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Total Value


You name the price!

We dare to bring about change! Money should never be a defining factor when it comes to learning and self-growth – everyone should be able to access knowledge that is essential for life. To put this concept into practice, we thought about a little experiment. On one hand, our new way of pricing, allows everyone to acquire this course, regardless of their finacial means. On the other hand, a fair contribution from those, who see it of high value, will help us to cover the high costs of creating such a project.

You can choose below what the course is worth to you. We trust that everyone interested in supporting us, will choose a fair amount according to their needs and possibilities.

If this experiment is successful, you might just be the one, helping us create a new, fair and contemporary way of pricing, in which not only supply and demand determine the cost, but voluntary solidarity!

We are so excited to start this journey with you!

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The fairest option! It is the early bird promotion price that was planned for this product before we could agree on flexible pricing.

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In memory of Louise Hay (1926-2017), we are sharing this online summit for the very first time.

Louise Lynn Hay (born October 8, 1926, in Los Angeles; † August 30, 2017) was an American non-fiction author in the field of „positive thinking“.

Along with Joseph Murphy and Erhard F. Freitag, she is one of the leading authors of the New-age movement. At the age of 40, she began studying the teachings of Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind. Later she gave courses herself. However, her career as a bestselling author only began after she contracted cervical cancer.

Such illness motivated her to pursue spiritual cleansing, according to the author herself, that was an essential step in her life. In addition to books, Louise Hay’s CDs and videos are also available, some of which have been translated into 29 languages. The total worldwide circulation of her works in 2004 was over 50 million copies.

Louise Hay pointed out in her literature that positive thinking should lead to a positive life and negative thinking to a negative (problematic) life. Another important element of her teaching is forgiveness, which, according to Louise Hay, is an elementary component for a happy life